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How to Buy the Perfect Running Shoes for Your Kid?

Buying the best pair of running shoes for your child is easier said than done. Several factors need to be kept in mind before you decide on the right pair of running shoes. Moreover, with so many brands coming up with their range of special kids running shoes, you may get overwhelmed and come home with the wrong shoes.

Let us make it a little easy for you by decoding the right way of buying the right running shoes for your kid. Read the points mentioned below:

  • Consider the main elements

As your child will spend a lot of time wearing those shoes, focussing on the right basic features is of utmost importance. Hence, make sure the running shoes have a good shock-absorbing sole, firm heel support, a flexible forefoot, and a very supportive arch. These elements make any shoes comfortable and efficient. Hence, do not compromise on them.

  • Buy the right size

Shoe sizes are never standard, and hence, you need to measure your child’s feet to find the right size in the brand you want. Measure the length and width of your child’s feet properly to find the right size. Check out different shoes in the right size to find the one that goes perfectly with the shape of your child’s feet.

If your child wears socks, consider this factor while buying the right size. If they use shoe inserts, carry them along and ask your child to wear the shoe with the inserts.

  • Never compromise on fit

Shoes should have ample room for the toes. Ask your kid to wear the shoes and wiggle their toes. If they can do it freely, the shoe is the right fit. Ideally, there should be a little gap between the end of the shoe and the longest toe.

Coming to the feet, they should be snug and comfortable. Your child’s feet shouldn't move much in the shoe. The ball of the feet should also fit snugly at the shoes' widest part to obtain optimum fit.

Ask your child to walk around in the shoe and buy them only if they are comfortable. Do not buy a tight shoe, assuming that it will stretch later.

The bottom line

Today, several brands have come up with the most fascinating range of kid’s running shoes. Just keep these points in mind while buying shoes and you will find the perfect one for your kid!

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