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How Vans Shoes Became a Quiet Fashion Juggernaut for Men

Vans is responsible for presenting the California skate culture into the limelight. It made the skate culture the most popular global phenomenon, by introducing athleisure and retro styles in an altogether different light!

Men's Vans shoes bid adieu to the racks of the stores before spending much time on them. The popularity of Vans has been rising with each passing day. It is popular among teens and adults alike. With the shifting affinity of teens from athletic style to street style, Vans is their first choice.

With more than 50 years in the business, Vans has indeed taken the top spot!

A glimpse into the history of Vans

Vans was incepted in 1966 by the Van Doren family. The family wanted to manufacture stylish and comfortable footwear and sell them to their customers directly. However, this sounded simple but a little radical idea did not work in favor of the brand. The first few days of the company were a little on the gloomier side. Cash crunch also emerged as a problem, but it could not deter their spirits.

The 1970s, this proved great for the brand owners. They began selling their stylish and comfortable shoes to skateboarders, who were the soul of Californian culture. This decision brought brand name, as well as commercial success to the brand.

Since then, there has been no looking back for the brand. Today, Vans thrives on self-fulfilment and creativity. Whatever the brand puts to the table is instantly accepted by its loyal fan following. Back to today

Fans love Vans because it taps two main trends - vintage or retro and athleisure. The fact that people now prefer athleisure for every kind of occasion, be it work or play, further fuels the popularity of mens Vans shoes among the classes and the masses.

Final Word

Men's Vans shoes have carved their way into the hearts of the world. From teens to adults, men love them and make it a point to have them in their wardrobe. Their comfort, affordability, and quality make them the best style available for shoe lovers!

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