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Vans Classic Slip-On Checkerboard - For New Generation

Vans classic slip-on checkerboard is a popular choice for the new generation. Though the shoe production was in 1977, it gradually gained popularity among the masses due to its classic features. Teenagers have embraced the decades-old skate brand to jazz up their looks and lifestyle. The shoe manufacturers have used robust, high-quality canvas material. It means that the product is free of any animal by-products. Overall, the shoe styles a low profile, slick design, and all-over checker print. For more details, have a look at the exclusive features of the Vans Classic slip-on shoes.


Vans classic slip-on checkerboard has a low profile, canvas upper covering, elastic side accents, and padded collars for extra comfort. It also features the Vans flag label and an original waffle outsole for a firm grip. Teens prefer wearing classic footwear because it is adaptable for different looks and seasons. The shoes now come in a more flattering design and artistic patterns.

Perfect fit

Vans classic shoes are preferable options because of their simplistic style, refined look, and easy adaptability. Even without laces, Vans shoes give a perfect fitting. Youngsters opt for shorter length trousers with these shoes. With or without socks, the shoes are clean, flexible, and minimalist. However, if you choose to wear them, make sure the socks complement the shoe style. Look for a sock pattern that has colors  that matches perfectly with your outfit.

Easy to clean

Vans shoes are useful for both casual and formal looks. They are simple to wear, clean, and move on. Before you start cleaning, wipe out the dirt with a soft scrubbing brush, cloth, or a wet towel. Use only a mild detergent for cleaning the shoes. You can rub slightly with a toothbrush to wipe stains away from the shoes. Remember to not put your checkered vans shoes to dry out in full sunlight.

Vans classic slip-on checkerboard is an iconic pair of shoes that are trendy and making a fashion comeback. Cushioning and arch support inside the shoe makes one feel extremely comfortable. Likewise, Vans offer a variety of styles and patterns that ranges from classic slip-on to lace-up shoes. Though the traditional footwear is a black-and-white checkerboard, they are now available in vivid colors. According to the occasion, you can pair it with any outfit and style.

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