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Women's Basketball Shoe Trends Favor Fashion Over Feet

Of late, the risk of injuries among NBA basketball players has been on the rise. Some of these incidents have been linked with basketball shoes. However, the craze of stylish men’s and women’s basketball shoes refuses to fizzle out!

Without the slightest doubt, we can say that the shoe industry has helped in revolutionizing the game of basketball. Basketball shoes are no more restricted to the game. They have undergone scalable commercialization, as well as technological advancement. Even after all the improvements, the risk of injuries is still high.

However, looking at the current scenario, it can be said that players are now preferring fashion over the risk of getting injured. Several players select their shoes based on the latest trends rather than their safety while playing the game. But a handful of players still prefer comfort over everything and select men’s or women’s basketball shoes that are high on comfort over everything. This attitude can help in reducing the chances of injuries to a large extent.

According to the medical staff of the team, several players refuse to change their shoes but do not mind playing with the risk of injury hovering over their head.

One of the most unfortunate things about the shoe industry is that it is driven by marketing. When leading athletes advertise these shoes, people certainly get fascinated.

Some leading name suggests that in the last decade there has been some improvement in the function, but it has not impacted the rate of injury as such. One of the biggest problems that have emerged with this is that the medical professionals are failing to evaluate or screen the feet to arrest the risk of season-ending injuries.

Basketball players often change their shoes many times while playing the game. Some change for the sake of comfort, while some just due to superstition. In any case, they do not hesitate in wearing a new shoe without considering breaking-in or other such issues.

As it is unlikely for the players to select shoes without considering fashion into account, the lower extremity practitioners should try to enhance the fit and function of the players by providing appropriate men and women basketball shoes.

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