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What is the Appeal of Jordan Shoes for Little Kids?

The Jordan brand is no doubt popular with sneakerheads, today’s biggest celebrities, and basketball players. But did you know even little kids can wear Jordan shoes?

Why do little kids love Jordan shoes?

Jordans are some of the most well-loved sneakers in the market, known for their association with Michael Jordan who is often dubbed the greatest basketball player of all time. But their prestige isn’t just in the name. These shoes are also popular for their quality and durability.

In fact, the most sought-after Air Jordans share the following elements:

  • Air-Sole

Everybody can recognize a Jordan’s Air-Sole unit, a cushioning technology found under the heels. Most Jordans also have a polyurethane midsole to provide extra comfort throughout the day!

  • Offset ankle collar

The offset ankle collar was first introduced in the Jordan 5. Rather than a unique design choice, these collars provide support and flexibility for more strenuous activities.

  • Patent leather

Did you know that the Air Jordans are the first basketball shoes to use patent leather? This was decided by Michael Jordan himself because he wanted the sneakers to be wearable on and off the court.

The Jordan design is timeless and perfect for any age, whether you’re looking at the iconic white and varsity red-black colorway of the Jordan 1 Chicago or the mid-top leather build of the Jordan 3 Black Cement! It’s not for adults. Jordan shoes also come in smaller sizes for younger wearers.

Where to find little kids Jordan shoes

Looking for the latest Jordans in kid’s sizes? You can never go wrong with buying brand-new sneakers from a trusted and experienced online store that specializes in all the trendiest footwear. There, you’ll discover tinier models of your favorite Jordan colorways, all for a great price!

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