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Kyrie Infinity SE

Kyrie Infinity SE
Big Kids' Basketball Shoes
Play with the sizzle and flair like one of the game’s best. This edition of Kyrie Irving’s signature kicks is made for flexibility and a snug fit, so you can cross over and change directions quickly on the court. This colorway represents one of Kyrie's fascinations—shadows.

Chasing Shadows
It's all about the black, grey and white colors that depict Kyrie’s intrigue with shadows, which show where you are and where you're going. Also, shadows can be found on the court when playing ball all day long.
Play Fast
The shape and feel of the soft foam underfoot is optimized for the flexibility you need to accelerate and bounce around the court.
Secure Fit
The laces work with a built-in system that works with the sides and the heel of the shoe for a super snug fit around your ankle.
Built to Breathe
Textile is made to feel lightweight and breathable so you can stay cool while playing. The see-through design lets you watch the secure lacing system at work.
Court Control
The pattern on the rubber sole is data driven so you can feel confident moving in all directions and angles—just like Kyrie. The rubber wraps up on the sides of the shoe for traction while cutting and stopping on a dime.

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