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Zoom Freak 3 - Footwear

Zoom Freak 3
Basketball Shoes
UNO has been a go-to for Giannis and his brothers since they were kids. This special edition of Giannis’s signature shoe celebrates the good-natured competition and fun that the card game always brings the Antetokounmpo family. It still has a sleek silhouette and responsive cushioning for players who stay on their toes, but just with a playful game-night twist.

Driving Force
The lightweight midsole is hollowed out under the forefoot, where 2 Zoom Air units are positioned. This allows the Zoom units to compress under the weight then expand and help return energy.
Top-Down Control
A molded hook-and-loop strap wraps over the lower laces to help reduce internal foot movement by harnessing you over the cushioning.
Euro Step Stability
An external piece of lightweight, durable TPU is built into the outer-side midsole. It helps keep your foot stable over the footbed when making quick directional changes like the Euro step.
Traction to Run
The computer-generated outsole has a pattern like a topographical map, which helps optimize ground contact for traction in multiple directions.
Cutouts in the foam under the toe and heel help reduce overall weight.
Molded grooves in the rubber outsole help the shoe flex and bend.

More Details
  • Tongue pull tab
  • Reinforced toe
  • Reverse Swoosh design

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