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Nike Flex Runner 2 SE Big Kids' Road Running Shoes

Nike Flex Runner 2 SE
Big Kids' Road Running Shoes
Whether you run for PE class or around the neighborhood, the Nike Flex Runner 2 SE makes running shoes super easy. It’s laces-free! But don’t worry, the straps and bootie-like design make sure they stay on and fit snug while you go fast.

The Right Fit
A stretchy bootie design makes it easy to slip your foot in with a snug and secure feel. A midfoot strap, a heel strap and leather on the sides stabilizes your fit.
Fast Steps
The flexible foam sole is designed with grooves so every step and stride feels natural. The sole’s pattern also helps with multi-surface traction.
Steady Feel
The back of the shoe features foam that wraps up the sides of your heel to create a wing-like shape for extra stability when moving in different directions.
Behind the Color Design
This SE (special edition) features pastel-like colors inspired by the fun during summer's final days before school starts up again. Iridescent details give the feel of summer glow.
Breathable mesh on the front of the shoe is lightweight and helps keep your feet cool.
The toe tip is reinforced for extra durability for toe-draggers.
Pull tabs on the heel and tongue help you take the shoe on and off.

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