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Tatum 1 Old School Basketball Shoes - Footwear

Jayson Tatum Tatum 1 "Old School"
Basketball Shoes
Jayson isn’t shy about his love for brawny American automobiles. There’s something about their timeless look that just stays lookin’ good. The Tatum 1 “Old School” is no different. Done up in sleek black and cool grey, it’s fresher than fresh paint on a classic muscle car. Rev up, pedal to the metal, vroom vroom—however you wanna say it, just get on the court and score.

Rubber (Only) Where It Counts
Rubber is heavy, so we did away with as much as possible. But we kept it where it matters most: the forefoot and toe, where you push forward for big drives.
Reinforced Foam
We wrapped foam around a strong plastic frame in the midsole for lightweight structure. Then, we stress-tested it to make sure it holds up for the full 48.
Minimalist Support
Lightweight mesh in the upper is strong, breathable and helps you feel supported for the whole game (and the next game, and the next...).
Uncaged Air
A Nike Zoom Air unit (visible from the bottom of the shoe) helps get you the ups you’re looking for without weighing you down.

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