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Ja 1 Day One Big Kids' Basketball Shoes - Footwear

Ja Morant Ja 1 "Day One"
Big Kids' Basketball Shoes
Ja Morant became the superstar he is today by repeatedly sinking jumpers on crooked rims, jumping on tractor tires and dribbling through traffic cones in steamy South Carolina summers. The Ja 1 "Day One" pays homage to Ja's hometown roots and the people who are the driving force to his personal ascension. Lightweight, breathable and supportive, they're ready for you to lace up and chase your dreams from the jump.

Keep Your Moves in Check
The design helps keep your ankle and heel stable, so that you’re in control and always supported whether you’re changing directions at high speeds, springing toward the rim or staying in front of a shifty ball handler on defense.
Personal Touch
Just when you think you're out of game—that you have nothing left to give—look down. These zombie-inspired Ja 1 shoes may just inspire you to come back from the dead and take the game into your own hands.
Land Softly
Ja's got hops that look like he’s jumping off a trampoline. Plush cushioning helps catch you when you come back to Earth after jumping extra high or stopping on a dime.
Keep Your Cool
The upper is made of ultralight breathable material that keeps your feet cool in the heat of the game.

More Details
  • Classic laces
  • Forefoot strap
  • Extended Swoosh design

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