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Choosing The Best Women's Basketball Shoes - How You Should Do It

Today basketball shoes are designed with performance, comfort, and fashion in mind. While you play basketball, you have to run, jump, and make quick changes in direction that require good quality shoes. Eventually, while selecting women's basketball shoes, athletes need to understand their playing style and capabilities. Once you get to know your playing prowess, you can look for your desired features quickly. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best basketball shoes. 

  • Know your shoe size

Get your foot measured at an athletic shoe store. The right measurements will help determine your exact shoe size. Accordingly, you can decide whether or not you need a shoe with a narrow or wide fit.

  • Consider your playing style

Choose basketball shoes based on your playing style. If you are a fast and all-round player, you should use a lightweight shoe with moderate cushion, flexibility, and support. On the other hand, power players require a heavier shoe with maximum stability and cushion.

  • Safe and supporting

Consider the shoe cut that offers the level of protection you need. Many players prefer high-top basketball shoes because they give maximum ankle support. Whereas, some players prefer mid-top or low-top shoes as they are less restrictive.

  • Comfortable shoe sole 

You must select women's basketball shoes with a sole that gives extra cushioning in the pressure points. The midsole and outsole of the shoes should have the potential to resist a lot of stress during a game. In some shoes, the sole's surface is made of rubber in a pattern that will help grip the floor and provide traction.

  • Check the shoes fitting 

You should test the basketball shoe's length by pressing your thumb between your largest toe and the shoe's end. The amount of space should be as small as the size of your thumbnail. The width of the shoe should also feel snug and not tight. 

The daily use of the shoes for practices reduces their ability to provide the cushion and support needed to protect your foot. Playing with worn-out shoes can result in overuse injuries to the foot. The right kind of women basketball shoes can help players do well on the court and prevent foot and ankle injury.  

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