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How to Wash Nike Tech Fleece Pants Without Ruining It

If you've recently added a pair of Nike tech fleece pants to your wardrobe, congratulations! You've chosen a perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability. But how can you keep these top-notch trousers in pristine condition?

How to wash Nike tech fleece pants?

The durability of Nike tech fleece pantsmakes them safe for machine washing, but there are some rules to remember.

First, do not forget to spot-treat any visible stains with a stain-removing treatment. This will ensure that your pants remain spotless after every wash.

Next, turn your pants inside out before tossing them in the machine. This helps protect the fabric from becoming pilled or fuzzy. When selecting the washing cycle, opt for the gentle one and use cold water. This will prevent any potential shrinkage and maintain the color vibrancy of your pants.

If you decide to use a dryer, make sure to set it to the lowest heat setting. High temperatures can shrink or warp the fabric. As soon as the drying cycle is finished, promptly remove your pants to prevent wrinkles from forming.

For those who prefer hand washing, using mild detergent and cold water can also effectively clean your fleece pants. Just remember to gently squeeze out the excess water instead of wringing the fabric.

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