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Sizing of Nike Uptempo Shoes: How Do They Fit?

Unlike t-shirts and hoodies, the Nike Air Uptempo and other shoes can’t be worn oversized for “style.” Proper fit is the key to any good shoe, ensuring that your feet are cushioned, supported, and, most importantly, comfortable.

So, how does the Nike Air Uptempo fit? Generally, these shoes stay true to size (TTS), molding completely with your foot. To find the right size, make sure to check Nike’s size chart on their website.

Additionally, make sure you know your size by heart:

  • Measure your feet every six to 12 months

It’s no surprise that children’s feet can grow significantly as puberty draws closer, but did you know that adult feet can also change? For example, your foot size can change if you’ve recently gained or lost weight. Women who are pregnant or have recently given birth may also notice changes to their shoe size.

So, to be sure, consider measuring your feet regularly.

  • Consider the type of shoe.

Different types of shoes will hug your feet differently. For instance, running shoes may have more cushioning near the heel, while cycling shoes are much stiffer.

The Nike Air Uptempo is generally classified as a basketball sneaker. It’s built with a synthetic leather upper and Nike Air sole units, giving it a fit that’s relatively true to size without sacrificing comfort. However, the shoe can be a little heavy.

  • Think about durability

It’s important to wear shoes that fit right and offer durability and longevity. This way, your feet feel comfortable even after hours of wearing the shoes.

Additionally, shoes made with high-quality materials and advanced technology, such as the Uptempo, are less likely to cause pain in your bones and joints.


Is the Nike Air Uptempo the right shoe for you? Make sure to choose the right size and shop from a reputable supplier in the USA.

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