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The Legacy of Converse Skate Shoes: Why They're a Classic Choice

If you skate, then you know how your footwear can affect your performance. You need something comfortable and durable but also capable of providing an excellent feel on your board. Although skate shoes have come a long way from their predecessors, including the OG Chuck Taylor All-Star, Converse skate shoes are still the go-to footwear for discerning novice and pro skaters, and for many good reasons. 

Better technology and construction 

Converse has kept up with the times, resulting in cutting-edge skate shoes that now have the latest insole technologies. Today, Converse skate shoes feature the Ortholite sock liner for exceptional comfort. With the open-celled polyurethane design, the shoes are more breathable without restricting movement. So, skaters don’t have to worry about straining their feet when doing tricks, drops, and grinds, as the design spreads the force of the impact instead of keeping it centralized. Plus, the elasticity of the Ortholite sock liner ensures an enhanced board feel as they grip their foot in the shoe. 

Featuring Nike’s Zoom Air Bag 

Nike Zoom Air Bag is one of the best features of Converse basketball shoes, and it’s in their skate shoes, too. Nike created the Zoom Air Bag with tightly stretched tensile fibers, and these are knitted within the pressurized Nike Air unit. The fibers return to their original shape fast when the airbag is compressed while you're jumping or walking on deck. So, there’s that responsive heel cushioning that adds greater impact protection. This quick rebound is also helpful when doing technical heel-based tricks, like shove-its and heel flips. 

Better traction

Converse skate shoes are unlike their classic sneakers with vulcanized rubber soles. They have the CONS traction rubber sole to offer better grip and increased traction in your forefoot, so you can easily maneuver, do tricks, and control the board well.

Skate without distractions

Cotton-polyester laces are great for skate shoes because they have a durable weave that provides subtle elasticity to keep your foot secure and locked in on the board. Converse also designed their skate shoes with gusseted tongues to keep them in place while remaining breathable. You’ll also find reinforced toe caps on each shoe to protect your toes and reduce wear.

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