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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Jordan Shoes Online

he black and red Air Jordan 1 shoes have become the icon for a basketball sneaker. Endorsed by Michael Jordan for Nike Shoes, Air Jordan sneakers were released in 1984. That move bolstered the struggling brand into a reputable one for running shoes. It was the Jordan line of sneakers that catapulted Nike into the big league of athletic sneakers.


Take a look at tips for choosing the right Jordan shoes online. Retro Jordan shoes can be bought online, thanks to the select virtual shops. A typical Nike Air Jordan shoes can set you back by around $170. Jordan shoes typically come in 3 core heights – the High, the Mid, and the Low. The High has always been the most popular as it embodies the iconic style of the brand.  The newer variants sell for about $200. The base range of Air Jordan Mid is about $115 to $130. In fact, you can resell your Jordan shoes for nearly $2000.The best tip for searching Jordan shoes online is to look up authorized retailers or third-party retailers. When searching for affordable Jordan shoes online, remember that sizes are limited, especially at lower prices.


4 Tips for choosing the right Jordan Shoes online


  • Look for Jordan ‘Jumpman’ logo on the sneakers for their authenticity. The logo must appear in the right proportion  and position. The tongue of the Jordan shoes carries the logo too. It is characterized by the embroidery of fine-quality. Typical fake Jordans sold online have vinyl and poor-quality embroidery.
  • An original Jordan shoes will have a nine-digit style number tag inside it. It can be verified on the Nike website for authenticity. This number will also be found on the side of the box.
  • Carefully check the stitching quality for unevenness and fraying. The detailing by the laces must appear even and straight.
  • The recent Air Jordan shoes can be identified by their distinct sole pattern – the Jumpman logo.
  • Another tip to selecting Jordan shoes is that fakes are most often smaller in size. The authentic ones sport a characteristic gloss.

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