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Shoe Cleaning Kit: How to Look After Your Shoes

Who doesn't like shoes? Everyone wants their wardrobe to be full of shoes of different styles, shapes, and sizes, from men to women. But when it comes to taking care of shoes, not many pay attention.

Shoes demand proper care and nurturing, to stay in their best shape. Keeping them away from moisture, cleaning them with a proper shoe cleaning kit, etc., are a few measures that go a long way in this regard! If you are a little laidback regarding your shoes' care, we have some easy tips to share with you.

Below are some tips to keep your shoes clean and maximize their durability:

  1. Keep them away from moisture

Moisture and shoes never go hand-in-hand. If you expose your shoes to moisture, you make them vulnerable to bacterial growth, leading to shoe material break down.

Using desiccants like silica gels or pouches can prevent your shoes from moisture and bacteria. Alternatively, you can stuff newspapers in your shoes and change them weekly.

  1. Protect them from dust

Always keep your shoes clean and dust-free. Letting the dust settle on your shoes is a sure-fire way of losing their natural color and making them look years older.

Make sure you dust your shoes and clean them regularly. Use a dedicated shoe cleaning kit to keep dust and dirt off your shoes. Keep them in your shoe closet to prevent dust accumulation on their surface.

  1. Keep them away from sunlight

Direct sunlight or heat can cause dry-rotting. Exposing your shoes to sunlight can make your shoes stiff. Make sure you keep your shoes in a well-controlled environment. It will also enhance their shelf life.

  1. Don’t ignore the sole

Don't restrict shoe cleaning to the upper surface of the shoes. Make sure you keep the soles clean too. To clean the soles of your shoes, tap them together to make the loose dust fall. Now, brush down the dirt from the soles. Use a paintbrush to remove the dirt accumulated in the grooves of the soles.

  1. Use shoe tree

When not wearing, make sure you place a shoe tree in your shoes. It is the best way to keep your shoes in their natural shape. Plus, it also helps in safeguarding their texture.

Use cedar shoe trees to place in your shoes as they help in keeping moisture away.

The bottom line

With these easy tips, you can always keep your shoes clean. Invest in a good quality shoe cleaning kit and use these tips to keep your shoes shining for maximum time.

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